Frau Zinn und Frau Brune



  • different exercises and games to practice free speech and to improve your English language skills
  • field trips and competitions against other schools in the German Debating League
  • a lot of fun and exciting discussions

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when:  Wednesdays, 2.15pm
where: room 112


Competitions year 2020/21

Senior League:

  • rounds 1&2: Friday, 20th November
    motion: TH prefers a world in which universities based tuition on student earnings after graduation
  • rounds 3&4: Saturday, 30th January
  • rounds 5-8: Friday, 5th - 7th March

Junior League:

  • rounds 1&2: Wednesday, 13th January
    motion: THBT fairy tales have a bad influence on young children.
  • rounds 3&4: Thursday, 25th February
  • rounds 5&6: Friday, 16th April
  • final rounds: Friday, 18th - Sunday, 20th June

We'll let you know the motions and where the competitions will take place as soon as possible!

For more detailed information on tournaments see:

Competitions year 2019/20

Senior League:

  • rounds 1&2: Friday, 8th November at GGK
    motion: TH believes that countries should hold a referendum before engaging in war
  • rounds 3&4: Saturday, 25th January in Lahr
    motion: THW ban prenatal screening for genetic disorders
  • rounds 5-8: 6th - 8th March in Würzburg
    motion: THBT all decisions of the European Council should be taken by majority vote
    motion: TH supports the cultivation of genetically modified foods
  • final rounds: Saturday, 23th May

Junior League:

  • rounds 1&2: Thursday, 16th January in Gaggenau
    motion: TH supports Extinction Rebellion
  • rounds 3&4: Wednesday, 19th February at GGK
    motion: THBT the Olympic Games should have permanent competition site
  • rounds 5&6: Friday, 27th March in Stuttgart
    motion: TH supports the development of self-driving cars.
  • final rounds in Rottweil: 19th - 21th June

Competitions year 2018/19

Junior League:

  • rounds 1&2: Wednesday, 23rd January in Stuttgart
    Motion: THW not go on holiday in developing countries
  • rounds 3&4: Thursday, 21st February at GGK
    Motion: TH opposes digitalization at a primary school level
  • rounds 5&6: Friday, 29th March in Stuttgart
    Motion: THW lower the voting age to 14 in all German elections
  • final rounds in Rottweil: 28th - 30th June
    Motion: THBT individuals should not be punished for possession of small amounts of illegal drugs for pesonal consumption
    Motion: THW ban single-sex schools

Congratulations to our team that won this year's Junior League!

Competitions year 2017/18

Junior League:

  • Rounds 1&2: Thursday, 7th December at GGK
    Motion: THW abolish marks in PE, Music and Art.
  • Rounds 3&4: Friday, 2nd February in Emmendingen
    Motion: This House believes that beauty peagants should be banned.
  • Rounds 5&6: Wednesday, 14th March in Lahr
    Motion: This House believes that all parents should be required to take parental classes before having a child.
  • finals: 15th - 17th June

Senior League:

  • Rounds 1&2: Friday, 24th November in Lahr
    Motion: This House would introduce a universal basic income.
  • Rounds 3&4: Saturday, 27th January at GGK
    Motion: THBT Saudi Arabia is the biggest threat to stability in the Middle East
  • rounds 5-8: 2nd - 4th March in Mannheim
    Motion: This House fears the rise of artificial intelligence
    Motion: This House would end EU membership negotiations with Turkey
  • finals: Saturday, 9th June

Competitions year 2016/17

Junior League:

  • Rounds 1&2: Thursday, 8th December in Heilbronn
    Motion: "THW implement unisex toilets in all public buildings."
  • Rounds 3+4: Friday, 27th January at GGK
    Motion: "This house believes that characters with disabilities or significant illnesses in film or television should always be portrayed by individuals with said disabilities and illnesses." 
  • Rounds 5+6: Wednesday, 5th March in Vaihingen
    Motion: "THBT parents should be allowed to choose their baby's sex"
  • final rounds: 19th - 21st May

Senior League:

  • Rounds 1&2: Friday, 18th November
  • Rounds 3+4: Saturday, 21st January
  • final rounds in Würzburg: 17th - 19th February

Competitions year 2015/16

Junior League:

  • Rounds 1&2: 8th Dec at the Goethe-Gymnasium Karlsruhe
    Motion: THW charge football clubs for the policing of football matches
  • Rounds 3&4: 28th Jan in Stuttgart
    Motion: THB that physical education classes should be coeducational in all year groups
  • Rounds 5&6: 22th April
  • Final rounds: 10th – 12th June

Senior League

  • Rounds 1&2: 13th Nov 2016 in Stuttgart
    Motion: TH approves of Ms Merkels open-door policy towards refugees
  • Rounds 3&4: 23th Jan in Frankfurt
    Motion: TH does not support air strikes against IS
  • Rounds 5-8: 26th – 28th Feb Würzburgweekend
  • Finals: 4th June in Stuttgart